I was selected finalist at BIG Festival 2018 In Development / Games of Impact category!

Legally Addicted is a dungeon-crawler-ish action game, where your are trapped in a procedurally generated office, crazy to go out for a smoke. No health bar or timer, but anxiety levels and unemployment meter.

Quick how to play:

ANXIETY: Timed. If you get too anxious, will start to break stuff. You can find coffee, chocolate, soda or medicine to lower your anxiety. If it goes full, you die.

UNEMPLOYMENT: When you break stuff, it rises. You can find lost office papers, pencils, etc to lower it. If it goes full, you get a little crazier...

ETC: Move with WASD or arrows (S or down arrow turns in place), jump with space or crouch with C.  There is a key in a specific room, and you have to find it to open the stairs and get to the exit. The compass will guide you to the current objective.

ATTACK: with left mouse click or left Ctrl, aim is automatic when enemy gets into range. Cycle weapons with mouse wheel, or Q/E.

It's a demo with full menu, intro, and 4 playable levels, for a much longer game I'm developing solo. I want your feedback on what to change, add, or make better on the final release! Write me on twitter: @nonsensebull

For your first run, try it with Intro + Tutorials. I'm sure will help a lot! And also check the controls menu to clarify anything else.

From the intro:

John Smoke is a nice guy. He just started in a new job, in a big, tall and important company. He wanted to impress his boss, so he spent all day writing reports and didn't have time to smoke a single cigarette. With so much to do, he is now alone and lost in building he know nothing about. Only you can help John find his way out for a smoke before he loses his mind.



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Such a fun game, and with how maze crawly the levels are, it really makes you think! I got lost so much! Anyway, I'm glad you fixed it up, it's running perfectly now! I was kinda an idiot and didn't realize the compass was pointing me to where I needed to go, and didn't realize that until I was reading over everything while I was waiting for this to upload, whoops! I really enjoyed the style of like an old fashion arcade game meets a news report, and the music was absolutely amazing! Really well done! Hope you enjoy the video! 

Thank you for trying it!!! So glad you enjoyed. Your video made me think about a minimap/fog of war system... Will try it out!
Oh and you also found a bug for me, the tutorial didn't show up even if it was checked... There should be a "friendly" cigarette telling you how to play. Will crush it asap!